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Amazon Marketing and Optimization


Amazon SEO

When using Amazon’s algorithm correctly, it’s possible to increase sales. Retime uses different points in the algorithm to generate Amazon search results to buyers. Retime leverages these factors to help sellers to boost product sales.

  • Making products and categories findable by maintaining information architecture in terms of classifying, labeling and organizing content clearly for users.
  • Optimizing products by removing duplicate content, defining the structured data, specifying the targeted language and region for each page to promoting your products etc.
  • Selecting the right keywords for search users to show what you sell is relevant to what they are searching for.
  • Product page optimization and product descriptions are important on-page element for optimizing your search results to get buyers attention.
  • To optimize your search results and improve your CTR metadata and structured data are critically important and they may just help your to win the most valuable click in the competition.
  • Product pricing, reviews and ratings affect search results, helping buyers with the prising information and to see how well product is rated. This row of information improve clicks to the page.

Amazon SEM

Sponsored products is a powerful way to increase sales

Amazon marketplace is great opportunity for companies but getting seen on search results can be challenging. Mainly when people are searching for specific products. Amazon Sponsored Products is a tool that can impact in visibility of your products on Amazon.

Amazon Promotion Strategy

  • Boost product visibility
  • increase Buy Box traffic
  • Impact Buy Box factors positively
  • Highlight new offers
  • Display unique selections
  • Provide exposure to offers with low sessions

Amazon Sponsored Products are based on CPC so sellers pay only when buyer clicks on sponsored Products Ad. Sponsored products ads appear based on auction pricing just like in Google search.

The ads can only contain limited amount of product details so ads highlights only a select few product variables such as

  • Product image
  • Title Price
  • Star rating
  • Buy Box winning seller name

Product listing optimization

If you are manufacturer or online retailer and want also to focus to sell products in Amazon, you have to have a Amazon listing strategy in place.

Amazon is getting three times more search volume for products when compared to Google. Retime helps you to leverage the largest eCommerce search engine Amazon, through our product listing optimization services.

Why choose us?

Amazon is great marketplace to increase your revenue, product sales and to get new customers in new markets. We have tailored solutions that can match your business reguirements and can help you boost your profit margins.

What we can offer?

  • Hands on experience of providing Amazon listing optimization services to multiple clients. In multiple categories
  • Use of advanced technology and tools for multi-channel management
  • Experienced Amazon Marketplace management team and experts
  • Understanding of Amazon guidelines and standards
  • Top of the line processes
  • Proof of a successful Amazon Business Growth


“Retime Can help You to setup and optimise Your Amazon Products. We can support your company by taking your listings to an all new level and make your company a successful and functional Amazon store.”

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