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When your company decides to start selling products in Amazon it may seem like a tricky task. You have to consider how the items will be handled, what kind of products are worth selling, how to optimize product listings, how taxation and other market-based differences should be taken into account. Our Amazon experts will help you to build Amazon marketplace that will enable products to be sold effectively. Retime is an Amazon agency that is focused on expanding the business of our customers in Amazon as a turnkey supplier and based on the performance.

Amazon FBA

We help you to implement the features of FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and completely eliminate logistical problems that are easy to find, whether your business is small or large. Products sold by companies using the FBA service are also automatically Amazon Prime products. By using the FBA, Amazon will take care of all your orders, deliveries and returns so you can focus on building your business. When these are done, the products must be advertised in Amazon marketplaces so that buyers will find your products more easily.

Vendor Central

With suite of Amazon Vendor Central Management Retime supports Manufacturers and online retailers in increasing revenue and distribution on all Amazon Marketplaces. We help sellers to manage Vendor Central account by adding new products to account, creating A+ Content, managing inventory and a lot more.

Seller Central

If you are selling through Seller Central or you are planning to open a Seller Central account, we can help you from account creation to listings and managing content. Retime can help to Optimize your product listings and marketing products through Sponsored Products Ads.

Amazon SEO and paid ads

Users are looking for products using Amazon’s search feature. They will receive either paid or organic search results. Paid ads are managed either through Amazon Vendor or Seller Central and also SEO measures are made in these environments. The combination of both is important for increasing sales volumes and visibility. Once you have reached an established position on your products in Amazon, it can be a road to massive results. Keep in mind that Amazon is playing a major role when you are looking for new markets and sales.

In Europe, Amazon is an integrated European marketplace. This means that you can start selling in Amazon to Germany, France, Spain, Italy and many other countries.

Amazon Product pages and listings

Retime provides a set of Amazon Product services that include creating SEO-friendly product pages that support getting higher ranking in Amazon search results. Our experts create product lists for companies selling products in any of the product categories.
Retime helps to Categorize products correctly, Create effective keyword product titles, list of product features, attributes and technical specifications and more.

Richer A+ and Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon enables sellers to provide enhanced content to users with Amazon A+ and EBC pages that must be created in compliance with Amazon guidelines. Our experts will help with A+ content creation, EBC content creation, SEO friendly product descriptions, Metadata and keyword selection and all other information shoppers need to complete when purchasing your products.

Brand pages shop-in-shop experience

Amazon Brand pages provide an enhanced shopping experience on Amazon in all platforms. The main benefit of Brand Pages is to provide customized content to users and to introduce prospective customers to your brand.

Brand pages help brands to more effectively introduce the brand and products on the Marketplace. It also provides a new opportunity to drive traffic (on and off Amazon) to a brand’s entire product catalog. Brand pages is where sellers should be investing their marketing budget. Retime experts help to build best possible design for brands.

Example of the Jalo Helsinki brand pages HERE

Insights and Benchmarking

We can provide insights about pre-orders, competitive benchmarking, geographic sales so that you have right information to make decisions how to optimize sales. Our experts will also support when changing and adding new images, revising product prices, updating descriptions and promoting products using Sponsored Products Ads or Product Display Ads.

Our experts will help to set up Amazon seller account from the start or audit the existing product pages and Sponsored Products Ads campaigns. We will also optimize product listings with relevant keywords and create Amazon Sponsored Products Ads to boost your sales and visibility. We also conduct competitor analysis to know pricing strategies of specific competitors and update pricing models accordingly.

Business Finland

If you are a Finnish company you may be able to apply Business Finland Explorer funding service as part of the Amazon project.

Read more about Business Finland Explorer funding service HERE


“Retime will help You to setup and optimise Your Amazon Products. We support your company by taking your listings to an all new level and make your company a successful and functional Amazon store.”

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