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IPR in international marketplaces

Retime has been helping companies over the past year to succeed in different Amazon marketplaces. Therefore we have paid attention to the IPR rights of our customers and how open global marketplaces are from the point of view of the Nordic brands.

Amazon has created a way for manufacturers to control their own brand and products in Amazon marketplaces. Misuse of products and sellers that sell without the permission of the owner of the product or brand are a problem in the entire online retail world. Therefore Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Fruugo, Rakuten, Flipkart, Taobao and many other marketplaces are attractive for misuse because of the huge size.

The Amazon Brand Registry was opened in May 2017. It is necessary for manufacturers to secure their brand in the Amazon marketplaces. All marketplaces do not have the same service and the ability to secure company name, products, and even pricing as desired.

What does Amazon Brand registration mean?

Firstly, it means that after you have successfully registered your brand you are able to contact Amazon brand registration team and report any abuse of your brand. Notification can not be made if your brand is not registered in the Amazon brand registry. A registered brand has identity protection rights and actions against an impersonators are possible.

Secondly, another significant advantage for companies that sell in Amazon or intend to sell there in the near future is that registered brands can build Amazon Storefront pages and Enhanced Brand Content. An unregistered brand does not have access to these extensive content opportunities.

The Brand Registry also provides powerful search and reporting tools to find potential brand breaches. Tools for example:

  • Global search: search for content in different Amazon stores from the same screen without ever having to navigate away.
  • Image search: find product listings on Amazon that match your product(s) or logo(s) using images
  • Bulk ASIN search: search for a list of ASINs or product URLs in bulk to explore and report potentially infringing content fast.

The brand registry is also proactive. Amazon uses information about products and brands to identify potential violations, so it is important to provide as much information as possible about products and brands.

Proactive identification features include: the use of a trademark name or logo, product delivery from countries where original products are not manufactured, and product pages that use your brand even though the original product pages already exist. Therefore Amazon is reporting a violation through “Report a Violation”-tool that allows the owner of the brand to take the necessary actions.

For brand registration you will need:

  • An active registered trademark for your brand that appears on your products or packaging.
  • The ability to verify yourself as the rights owner or the authorized agent for the trademark.
  • An Amazon account. You can use an existing Amazon account or create a new account.


“Retime will help You to setup and optimise Your Amazon Products. We support your company by taking your listings to an all new level and make your company a successful and functional Amazon store.”

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